Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The House doesn't act on Tuesday, so we gained another day. We urge you to use this time by contacting your state representatives in their Washington, DC offices. Call and email...tell them to "VOTE NO! on S.510!"

1. Take Action NOW for each member of your household to tell your Representatives that you STONGLY OPPOSE adopting the language of S. 510 in this or any other amendment or bill:

2. Visit, enter your zip code to find your Representative's name and phone number. CALL IT! Yes, the line may be busy. Keep trying. Give the person who answers this message:

"I am calling to strongly opposed adopting the language of S.510, the so-called Food Safety Modernization Act. This language is currently attached to 'CR/Food Safety House Amendment to the Senate Amendment to H.R. 3082 - Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011/FDA Food Safety Modernization Act'. I urge Representative [name] in the strongest possible terms to vote against this amendment and to oppose this language in any bill or amendment."

The phone lines may be busy. Keep trying. This is literally an 11th hour attempt by Big Agribiz to control every bite you eat, and make sure it is to their liking, not yours.

3. Using Social Media like Facebook and Twitter, using your phone lists and your email contacts, get the word out, urging everyone you can contact to do the same!

Summary of the Possible Outcomes for S. 510 and Food Freedom:

1. Senate Has Not Reported S510 Out To House Yet! IT IS POSSIBLE THAT IT COULD DIE AT THIS STAGE (good)

2. S510, Section 107 is unconstitutional (only the House can raise revenue) so if S. 510 is reported out to the House it can

2a. “Blue Flag” S510 and send it back to the Senate or 2b. The House can defeat S510 (good) 2c. The House can pass S510 as sent to it (bad) 2d. The House could attach S510′s language to another bill number or another bill and pass it (bad), then send it back to the Senate where

2d.1. The Senate could defeat the new bill with the new number (good) or

2.d.2. The Senate could pass the new bill with the new number (tragically bad).

3. If the House Blue Flags S510, it goes back to the Senate where 3a. The Senate could defeat S510 (good) or 3b. The Senate could run out of time to pass an amended S510 (good) or 3c. The Senate could pass S510 after the amendment to remove Sec. 107 (bad).

It would then be sent back to the House again where -

4.a The House could defeat it (good) or 3.b The House could pass it (tragically bad)

Our Friends In The House AND the Senate Tell Us – 
It is Time to Hammer Both the House and the Senate Really, Really Hard.

“Mighty Hammer Down!”

Tell Your Representatives What You Think…
Our Automated System is easy to use.

To Start Press Here:



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