Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No Labeling for GMO's? And They Call S.510 "Food Safety"?

"Any scientist who tells you they know that GMO's are safe and not to worry about it,
is either ignorant of the history of science or is deliberately lying.
Nobody knows what the long term effect will be."
-- David Suzuki, Geneticist

Einstein once said that when the bees will disappear, humankind will disappear in 5 years. Why?


Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) crops are designed in a lab by seed splitting. Once the seeds are planted, the crops can be sprayed again and again without killing them -- and you're eating them! GMO foods are also hidden in packaged and processed foods, and are not FDA required to be labeled.

Why not? Especially with government so hot to pass "The Food Modernization and Safety Act of 2010"? By the way, there's nothing about GMO-labeling included in the controversial S.510 bill, which has again been delayed, as a portion of it has been found "unconstitutional".

Organ damage, including adrenal, liver, kidney, heart and spleen have been shown to be caused by GMO's.

Monsanto, the chemical giant who brought you Agent Orange, is the world's leading manufacturer of GMO seeds. Their long-term goal has been to control the food source. When you control the food source, you control the people. Organic farming allows food freedom.

The biggest GMO crops worldwide are:
• Corn
• Soy
• Cotton
• Canola
• Papaya
• Squash

Sadly, and predictably, the GMO world leader is the US -- and we've managed this nutritionally-void technology into South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Uruguay, Indonesia, Canada, the Philippines, India, Columbia, Honduras, Brazil, India and China. They seem to prey on developing nations, and those with limited growing capabilities.

Here's a short video that's very worth the watch:


It may sound "advanced" technology, but human bodies were not designed to metabolize this frankenfood which does not contain the nutrition our bodies need for healthy functioning.

We urge you to become involved -- email, write and/or call your representatives, and tell them that S.510 is not in the best interest of the people. More people vote on "Dancing with the Stars" than to preserve their own health freedoms. I don't begrudge anyone their entertainment, but I would also expect that people would care more for their health and freedom, and take a moment to make a call to a toll-free number to their representatives in Washington, DC.


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