Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Action Needed on S.510!

Six important amendments shepherded by the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition that protected local, small and organic producers threaten to be lost in this final shuffle if the bill miraculously passes in the final moments of Congress's short lame-duck session.

We've all heard that passing legislation is like making sausage, but the safety of our food and the future of small, local and organic food producers is too important to be left to a last-minute process that could give powerful lobbyists the opportunity to perform 12th hour slights of hand.

Currently, the FDA only inspects 1% of the imports and 25% of the processing facilities in their charge, but seems to have unlimited resources to harass Amish farmers, raid food clubs and pull over raw milk deliverers.

Please call your Representatives and tell them that the Food Safety Modernization Act is flawed - and, without the small/local/organic amendments, potentially dangerous - legislation. Ask Congress to instead encourage the FDA to fulfill its food safety obligations under existing law.


source: Organic Consumers Association

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