Thursday, September 2, 2010

Want a Toxic Manicure?

Who doesn't like to get their nails done? It's relaxing, fun and you look pretty (or well-groomed) when you leave. Some salons serve water and tea, others serve wine and martinis. It's as much of an experience as you want to make it!

When scouting new salons over the years -- even before I studied natural health -- I've always been aware of the chemical smell. You know what I walk in the door and are immediately hit with a wall of toxic fumes. I'd exit and keep going until I found a place with good ventilation. But I've often wondered about how the people could stand working in that toxic environment, day in and day out. I knew it couldn't be good for anyone --- especially over time.

A colleague sent this link to me today...totally unsolicited. It (tragically) answers any questions I had about health hazards. This 10 minute video is worth the watch to educate yourself, your friends, your loved ones AND your nail tech. There's a website you can go to at the end where you can make a difference:

In my opinion, it's appalling that toxic chemicals are even used on living beings. Formaldehyde --- are you kidding me?

I'm all about free enterprise, and don't begrudge anyone a living, but responsible selling and manufacturing needs to be considered more important than anyone's bottom line.

How much education is given to students while in school regarding toxicity of materials used to perform their job? They need to be educated on potential health hazards -- for their own benefit and that of their clients.

How much education is provided by the salon owner/manager once these grads secure a position? Owners need to be responsible to their employees and clients by providing education and posted warnings if they use toxic chemicals.

There are safer materials available on the market. Sometimes owners/buyers purchase the least expensive products to yield a higher profit. Unfortunately, these less expensive choices are many time the most toxic.

So go get your nails done, but do your research and bring your own products. Do your salon owner a favor and educate them, too.


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