Friday, September 10, 2010

My Favorite Prayer

Dear God,
Heal me from the past.
Save me from negativity and ill feelings.
Release me of my ego.
Forgive me for my sins.
Allow me to forgive everything and everyone.

Inspire me to show love to all that i come in contact with.
Judge me not so that i will not judge others.
Rescue me from those who wish me harm.
Discipline me against slovenly behavior.

Motivate me to play in your world.
Help me help others.
Strengthen me for the sake of my family, friends, and those who may need me.

Guide me as only you can.
Prepare me for your heavenly kingdom.
Clear me.
Relax me.
Anoint me in your love.
Baptize me in the purity of your spirit.
Enter me and never leave.
Hold me.
Stay with me.
Lead me.
Love me.

Please help (
say the names of your loved ones, and your prayer for them here).


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