Sunday, September 12, 2010

THIS JUST IN! What You May Not Know About ObamaCare

Jonathan Emord, author and attorney who has won many cases in the name of Health Freedom, discussed what ObamaCare means to the public in the long term on the Robert Scott Bell show this morning. Under this bill as it is currently written, the government could force you to pay $3,000 - $15,000 per year for allopathic (western) care --- even if you don't use allopathic care!

Are you paying $15K a year now? As broken as the system is, how will it help if the "fix" is to break you? (or what's left of you).

If that isn't enough, if ObamaScare goes into effect as it is written now, it will pave the way for government to require even more from you in the future. Mr Emord said, "...the government can force you to pursue a government agenda with your after tax dollars." It's all about more control. For example, let's say ObamaScare was in effect and the government wants you to drive a smart car now -- they can force you to buy an electric car in two years with your after tax dollars. Kiss that refund goodbye. Oh, don't get a refund? Yeah, me neither.

I don't want to even venture a guess the magnitude of the negative impact and ripple effect it will have -- especially burdening the largest demographic -- baby boomers -- so I'm going to hold out for a better, reasonable, fair plan which will accommodate ALL people, not just Big Pharma and Big Insurance, as well as a plan that offers coverage and choices of health care providers in all healing modalities. There's room for everyone.

Is their 'fix' the reduction of choices to support pharmaceutical companies, Monsanto for chemicals and compromised GMO foods, and insurance concerns? It feels like a group is running a global experiment on us, and reducing all our freedoms in the process to simplify their control.

Please, Mr President....write a health care plan which will accommodate everyone, will include all healing modalities, and won't break what's left of the 'haves'.

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