Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Fall Cleansing Time!

We hear a lot about detoxing, but what does it really mean? Why do we need to detox? And what's the safest, most sensible way to approach your own body detoxification?

Toxicity is the ability of a chemical or physical agent to induce detrimental temporary or permanent tissue change or to detrimentally interfere with normal biochemical processing. A good detoxification program can not only help you feel better overall, but can also help clear stubborn symptoms attributed to other illnesses.

Some pathways toxins find their way into the body are:
• Topical (applied to the skin)
• Ingested (taken orally)
• Inhaled (breathed in)
• Injected (IV or IM)

A toxic condition can contribute to or aggravate many other ailments such as allergies, various cancers, lung disease, autoimmune disorders, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, skin conditions and emotional shifts.

Toxicity levels can be affected by
• The time of exposure---a brief encounter or long term
• The number of exposures ---a single dose or multiple doses over time
• The physical form of the toxin---solid, liquid, gas
• The genetic makeup of an individual
• An individual's overall health
• And many others

There are many ways to detoxify. The first step is to contact a natural health care professional who is trained to build your body up before detoxification. Learn more at

An ionic foot bath is a very safe and natural way to help detoxify the body. Watch the video clip to learn more about the benefits of an ionic foot bath:

NOTE: Ionic foot baths are contraindicated for patients with pacemakers and other electronic devices.

Ionic foot baths are excellent for health maintenance, but will not not clear mucoid plaque from the intestinal walls. Your good health starts in the colon...keep it clean!

There are many herbal cleansing products available on the market. LNH suggests Blessed Herbs Internal Cleansing Kit, as it is an organic/wildcrafted product which gives excellent results. The user can also determine the strength of the cleanse. A free colon cleansing kit ($90 value) and detailed instructions are included with the 21 day cleansing kit. We've been using and recommending these products for 9 years with great success. Learn more at

This year, the fall equinox is September 23rd. Our bodies respond well to detoxification during spring and fall equinoxes, as these are times nature prepares us for a new weather season and new seasonal foods. Contact your local naturopath who will assist you with creating a detox plan that's right for you.


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