Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Word About Detoxification

We're in the throws of "Detox Season". Before you run out to your health food store and stand bewildered in the midst of a kajillion products, ensure that your body will produce the results you seek. Here are some important tips to assist with the process:

• build the body up prior to detoxing.
• consume foods which digest easily -- liquids, soups, raw foods, etc.
• eliminate meats, eggs, dairy and other mucous-forming foods.
• consider using IV nutrition prior to detoxing (see a qualified medical practitioner for assistance).
• consume apples, as they have a detoxifying quality.
• drink plenty of pure water.
• consume only organic foods, as part of detoxifying is to relieve the burden of chemical toxicity in the liver.

For more information on detoxification, go to
See your local natural health care practitioner for assistance.
(LNH is unable to accept new patients at this time.)


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