Sunday, August 1, 2010

What You Should Know if You've Had a Root Canal

Sargenti Paste.
Have you ever heard of it?

It's an unapproved root canal filling material which contains formaldehyde (a known toxin), and has been used by members of the American Endodontic Society (AES) since the 1960's. It was denied approval by the FDA for failure to prove safety and efficacy in 1993. Since the 1970's, accredited dental schools in the US have taught that Sargenti Paste is toxic, dangerous and below the standard of care, but that doesn't mean that dentists stopped using this dangerous substance.

I never heard of Sargenti Paste until yesterday. Years ago, a very highly respected (and priced) dentist used this substance in my mouth ago. It has since leaked through the bottom of the root into the surrounding tissues. This would explain why I've suffered many symptoms over the years, and have had to fight so hard to keep up my standard of health. There have been others who blame my symptoms on the aging process. I didn't -- I wasn't that 'old'. Who knew that my old dental work was wreaking havoc inside me all these years?

Toxic dental materials can cause many diseases, infections, and significantly reduce general well being. Your dentist can look at x-rays to determine what materials have been used in your previous dental work. I looked at the x-rays and could see differences in the materials!

It's important you know what dental materials have been placed in your mouth. It's in the best interest of your health and well being to have all amalgam and other toxic materials replaced by a dentist who is familiar with the proper replacement procedures.
for more information.

Ask questions before a procedure. Do your due diligence.
Live optimally.


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