Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Announcing the Californians for Green Dentistry Facebook Page

Californians for Green Dentistry launched a new facebook page:

It's long time the United States step up and place a ban on mercury dental amalgam. There's been substantial scientific research indicating that mercury is a known neurotoxin. Mercury is the second most hazardous substance on the planet (plutonium is 1st) -- and this substandard, toxic material is being loaded into the teeth of unsuspecting people, one inch from their brain. A quick history of why it's even used is on the CGD facebook page. You may be surprised....or not.

Once a world leader in health care, we have fallen behind. The Scandinavian countries have banned mercury amalgam, and there have been warnings issued and legislation pending in several other countries.

The bandwagon is rolling! The pilot project is underway in the US.


PS--- How do you like our new look?

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