Saturday, August 28, 2010

Healthy and Safe Amalgam Removal Procedure

Biocompatible Resin Replacement

When you decide to have your dental amalgams (silver fillings) removed, it's important to see a specially trained holistic/biological dentist who is trained in proper removal. Here's what to look for:

To prevent mercury and other metals from being ingested, use a flexible shield that comfortably fits in your mouth so you can relax your jaw during removal. The shield protects the throat, illuminates the mouth, and creates double suction to keep the amalgam localized.

Pure oxygen for you to breathe during the procedure.

High speed suction that literally pulls the amalgam out of your mouth as it is released from the tooth.

Specialized drill bit (at low speed) is used to very rapidly release the amalgam.

Throughout the process, copious water is used to rinse and remove amalgam.

To promote healing, oral health, and comfort, some dentists also use a chlorella rinse, administer Bach Flower Remedies, and utilize aromatherapy products.


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