Monday, August 2, 2010

Sargenti Paste: Dental Negligence that Kills

The LNH blog feeds into other health related sites. I just received this email from one of them:

"My sister was severely harmed by a dentist using Sargenti paste. She and another injured patient started a website to alert the public about the harm that this toxic paste can wreak on the unsuspecting patient. It is Please go there and check out all our information.

Would you be willing to share your story with us and identify the dentist that used it, we have a list of Sargenti Users.

Thank you!

You bet, Annemarie! Email me privately at Here's another shocking story on her website:


A 1974 death of a California woman in a dentist office was connected to Sargenti Paste/N2. People have actually died from this and still nothing has been done. How many more cases of death are there?

Click on the link above for the rest of the story and more.


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