Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Victory or Death"

That was the password the night President George Washington crossed the Delaware while his 2,500 troops marched in the cold winter darkness, a third of them without boots, but swaddled in burlap wrapped around their feet, leaving a bloody trail -- and surprising 800 enemy soldiers -- taking them all captive. Following this huge victory, 15,000 troops enlisted under Washington's command. The rest is American history.

So what does this have to do with your health?

Americans lead busy lives -- our stress levels are maxed. Our bodies are breaking down and new diseases are created in their wake. That said, we've all been taking notes to better manage our stress, improve our food choices and take time to relax and have fun. The last thing we need is to hear that the ACLU filed a lawsuit because a cross, located in the Mohave Desert, is a "threat" to secular religious groups; or that the 9th circuit court ruled that saying "one nation under God" during the Pledge of Allegiance is now unconstitutional. Why then, since this country was founded on Christian principles, would any government worker/public servant have the nerve or desire to draw a salary from it's taxpayers if they are so offended?

I'm all about freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of belief, freedom of health choices, freedom to take a walk outside when I feel like it....freedom in the general sense of the word. I've also been nationally recognized and awarded for my 'tolerance' of others. That said, I'm over this tippy-toeing around issues that directly and negatively impact people, while "visitors" get preferential treatment from our government....and we, the taxpayers, have to suck it up and pay their way. Where's the freedom in that?

Have we been victimized for our tolerance? Have we become complacent and accepting as a people? Are we naive to think our government would never to anything to put us at risk in any way? Well, that's our bad if we continue with business as usual.

Perhaps it's time that we, the people, write a "standard of behavior", because this "politically correct" nonsense it's ALL political, but not correct -- and it's put our nation and its citizens at risk - physically, emotionally and financially. Yes, financially. We pay dearly for the extra security and special treatment advantages provided to, for example, terrorist prisoners -- and they seem to have more rights than our own American citizens and prisoners.

Sidebar: I recently visited the Newport Beach Post Office for a passport. They refused to issue one to me because I changed my name since the original issue of my passport. Seriously? Like many people, I have 3 names on my birth certificate, and now only use two of them, which are on all my government documents (social security card, drivers license, etc.), credit cards and bank business. The name I use now (and have since the 80's) is on my birth certificate! So not only am I required to produce my birth certificate, social security card and California driver's license, I was told I also need to dig up additional tax returns, college and medical records AND my official company records going back a minimum of SIX YEARS! Since when are college records 'government issued'?

Note: The Franchise Tax Board has been very happy to have accepted my tax payments over the years -- no matter what name I've used!

Question: Why is it so easy for non-citizens to come here an suck off our teat, but so difficult for someone US born and raised to leave?

Answer: The employees at the Newport Beach Post Office explained to me that terrorist activity has something to do with it...."everything's changed since 9/11".....jeeze, ya think? But I believe there's more to it than that. Our freedoms seem to shrink daily, and I'd hate to believe it's leading to the death of our nation as we know it.

Whew! This was my first public rant. But I know I'm not alone in my frustration with our changing government, because I hear it all day long --- and that's become a major health issue -- people are worried and anxious about what the future of our country will be for themselves and their children. And they know they're not being told everything and feel helpless and like they're not doing right by their families.

Here's a 10 minute video with some interesting information and history from Newt Gingrich:

I want my country back!


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