Monday, July 12, 2010

Californians for Mercury-Free Dentistry

Mercury Dental Amalgam (silver filling)

California is on the move. This time, it's all about Mercury-Free Dentistry.

LNH is committed to helping make California the first Mercury Dental Amalgam-Free Zone in the US.
Feel free to jump on the bandwagon!

LNH has previously shared information regarding the hazards of mercury dental amalgams, and how we support putting an end to this archaic and toxic dental practice. See our archives for details. It's time to safely remove those toxic "silver fillings" from your mouth and replace them with safe (and aesthetically-pleasing) composite material.

Here's a link with information regarding the differences between composite and mercury amalgam fillings:

I am happily mercury-free.

We will continue to update the details of our progress as they unfold.


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