Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Professor Initiates Hunger Strike to Protest Maltreatment of Mercury-Poisoned Consumers Worldwide

Speak up for the Gandhi of the Mercury-free Dentistry Movement

Professor Servando Pérez – the leader of the mercury-free dentistry movement in Spain and First Vice President of the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry – initiated a hunger strike* last Monday to protest the maltreatment of mercury-poisoned consumers worldwide.

Servando was diagnosed with chronic mercury poisoning two years ago. In a victory for Spanish amalgam-poisoning patients, the highest court in Spain ruled that he was poisoned by his mercury dental fillings and Spain’s public health care system was required to pay for chelation either at its hospital or a private clinic.

His health deteriorating fast, Servando checked into the hospital for treatment. But despite the Spanish judge’s order, the hospital refused to provide him chelation and failed to pay for him to receive treatment at a private clinic. The hospital complains that treating one mercury-poisoned patient would lead to treating all mercury-poisoned patients. Instead, the hospital has been harassing Servando and pressuring him to leave the hospital despite his debilitating illness. The latest tactic is to starve him out: His illness has restricted his diet, but the hospital refuses to accommodate his dietary needs.

With Gandhi-like discipline, this talented young man has refused to leave the hospital without the chelation treatment he is entitled to. Acting on behalf of all of us, Servando has declared that he is going on a hunger strike until he receives much-needed treatment.

Here’s how you can support Servando Pérez and stop this medical abuse now:

Send an email to:
1) Subdirector of the Hospital Santiago de Compostela Dr. Jose-Ramòn Gòmez at
2) the Head of Health Committee in the Spanish Congress, Gaspar Llamazares at
3) the Minister of Health of the province of Galicia at

Tell them:
I support Servando Pérez’s right to receive treatment for dental mercury poisoning. He is entitled to this treatment and he needs it now.

Ask them:
1) Why are you denying a necessary treatment to a critically ill patient?
2) Why is your Spanish health care system harassing a patient in desperate need of treatment for dental mercury poisoning?

Charles G. Brown
President, World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry
National Counsel, Consumers for Dental Choice
28 July 2010

* also available at


NOTE: I've already sent my emails.


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