Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Government's War on Food Freedom

OC with Mike Adams, acclaimed speaker, writer and all around Health Ranger at the Health Freedom Expo '10, Long Beach, CA

Mike Adams wrote an excellent article about how our freedoms for healthful products are being infringed upon by US government agencies, while they freely allow potentially hazardous and toxic products for retail consumption. Learn more here:

Food co-ops have been raided all over the country --- the most recent was in June at Rawesome in Venice, California (see July 3rd blog).
Question: To what end?

The government says it's okay to eat our way to disease and death by making low quality food choices, but since when is it NOT okay to make high quality food choices and live well and healthfully? Why are we being penalized? Raided? Having our rights and freedoms taken away from us?

What's really happening in US government when it comes to our health freedoms? Click the link above and read Mike's article, then decide: Should government really be making your food shopping list?

When you think about it, this picture is like an impressionist painting --- up close, it's blurred, but stand back and you can see the image quite clearly.


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