Thursday, July 29, 2010

Launch Day: Californians for Mercury-Free Dentistry

Today we launched the pilot project for Californians for Mercury-Free Dentistry in Southern California. Our goal is to create mercury dental amalgam-free zones by providing:
• consumer education
• direct action (petitions)
• dentist conversion
• protecting dental auxiliaries

We will accomplish this by placing petitions in health professional offices, surveying dentists, and providing education (speaking) in appropriate forums such as groups and public forums.

Certificates will be awarded to the mercury-free dentists and other businesses who support mercury-free dentistry. Mercury-free practices will also be included on an internet (global) list of mercury-free providers.

We are currently working on an online petition so that anyone, anywhere can make their voice heard to put an end to amalgams. We will make an announcement when it is available.

Going forward, we anticipate worldwide impact. Consumers for Dental Choice in Washington, DC may submit this as a “pilot project” to the United Nations Environmental Programme, and then report on its success at the next UN session in January 2011 in Tokyo.

Please go to for more information regarding the dangers of mercury amalgams ("silver fillings"), and how this outdated, toxic practice should be phased out. Amalgams are toxic to your body AND the environment -- that stuff gets dumped somewhere --- it ends up in our water supply, our soil, our food source, and off-gasses into the air we breathe.

Join us in our mission! We had a great time today. There's plenty of work to do -- we welcome interested, like-minded people to join us in elevating awareness of optimum lifestyle options to assist the consumer in demanding the very best in health care.

Work local, and it will become global!


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