Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On What Day did the Commissioner of the FDA Put Dr Sharfstein in Charge of Mercury Fillings Rule?

Ask Dr. Sharfstein:

"On what day did Commissioner Hamburg

put you in charge of mercury fillings rule?"

Before proceeding to this week’s action, let me urge you to grow this grassroots movement by becoming a Facebook Fan. The project is run by Patrick Sullivan Jr., president of Jigsaw Health, based in Phoenix. Patrick is also a board member of Consumers for Dental Choice. To join, click http://www.facebook.com/pages/No-More-Toxic-Teeth-Consumers-for-Dental-Choice/106947548774

Our great grassroots movement smoked out FDA Commissioner Hamburg. The reason she was hiding the date she recused herself is that there was no such date. She never took the affirmative step to recuse herself. Clearly she wanted to have it both ways. By not plainly delegating responsibility but also “not participating” (or so she claims this month, which is different from what she claimed last month), Margaret Hamburg tries to have it both ways. She gets an amalgam rule so clearly beneficial to her corporate benefactor Henry Schein Inc., while she claims she was just playing the piano totally oblivious to the goings-on in the rest of the speak-easy.

Deputy Commissioner Sharfstein the child advocate will be called on to answer how he could have approved this monstrosity. But first, he must answer the question of how he came to be in charge of this rule, with his boss playing games on when, how, and whether she ever gave up control.

Please call or write Deputy Commissioner Sharfstein at 301.796-5040, or JMSharf1@fda.hhs.gov Ask this:

1) With Dr. Hamburg never formally recusing herself, how could Dr. Sharfstein know he was in charge of the rule-making?

2) On what date did Dr. Sharfstein take charge of the amalgam rule-making?

Here’s your turn to call Dr. Sharfstein:

Wed. 9 Sept: Mountain time zone in North America, plus friends in Europe, Africa, Asia, & Australia

Thurs. 10 Sept: Central time zone, plus our friends in South and Central America

Fri. 11 Sept: Eastern and Atlantic time zones.

Charlie Brown

8 September 2009

Charles G. Brown, National Counsel
Consumers for Dental Choice
316 F St., N.E., Suite 210, Washington, DC 20002
202.544-6333; fax 202.544-6331
Working for Mercury-Free Dentistry

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