Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 3: Sharfstein needs to answer re FDA ‘end game’ vs. our movement

An update from Charlie Brown, National Counsel, Consumers for Dental Choice:

To reinforce what we are fighting for, here is a letter to the editor in the Cleveland Plain Dealer from a woman who suffered from MS symptoms for 25 years before seeing those symptoms steadily reversed following the removal of her mercury fillings.

So far this week Deputy Commissioner Joshua Sharfstein remains stone-faced. Did Sharfstein, or did he not, condemn the George Strait plan for an “end game” against our movement?

Did Sharfstein, or did he not, discipline Strait for seeking to deprive us of our Constitutional rights?

Under our time zone rotation, Thursday, 24 September is the day for folks in the Central time zone, plus our friends in Latin America.* Call or write Deputy Commissioner Sharfstein at 301.796-5040, or . Tell him you have two questions about Asst. Commissioner George Strait’s “end game” plan vs. our movement:

1. Did you reject George Strait’s proposal for an “end game” against those fighting your mercury fillings rule?

2. Did you sanction Strait for proposing to punish those who disagree with you?

-- Charlie

23 September 2009

* We’re tag-teaming this again. Each day this week a different time zone calls or writes (if you missed your day, please feel free to contact Sharfstein anyways).

-- Tuesday, 22 September, folks in Pacific time zone + AK + HI.

-- Wed. 23 Sept., Mountain time zone, plus Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

-- Thurs., 24 Sept.: Central time zone, plus Latin America.

-- Fri., 25 Sept.: Eastern & Atlantic time zones.

If you missed your day, go ahead and call Thursday or Friday.

Charles G. Brown, National Counsel
Consumers for Dental Choice
316 F St., N.E., Suite 210, Washington, DC 20002
Ph. 202.544-6333; fax 202.544-6331,
Working for Mercury-Free Dentistry

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