Friday, September 18, 2009

Mercury Amalgam Update: "Tip of the Hamburg?"

We now know that Margaret Hamburg had a meeting with staff on the amalgam rule, even though her staff has been writing you form letters falsely claiming she was “not involved.” We now know that Margaret Hamburg was still cashing her Henry Schein stock options two months after becoming Commissioner. We now know Margaret Hamburg’s top press aide George Strait proposes FDA do an “end game” on our movement.

But we only got a fraction of the documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act;

Commissioner Hamburg blotted out or withheld entirely at least 90% of the documents we requested.

So what we know may be only “the tip of the Hamburg.” (Larry Pilot, the experienced FDA lawyer based in Arlington, VA, came up with that great one-liner.)

So ask your Congressman or Congresswoman to write FDA and inquire about the corruption which led to a rule covering up the mercury in amalgam, a rule that breaches last year’s contract FDA signed with us, a rule that boosted up the stock price of Hamburg benefactor Henry Schein, Inc.

e-mailing Congress/faxing Congress /phoning Congress: go to

choose your state, enter your zip, then click “Contact My Representative.”

Talking Points to your Congressman/Congresswoman:

* FDA’s rule conceals the mercury in amalgam from consumers.

* FDA’s rule benefits Commissioner Hamburg’s corporate benefactor, Henry Schein.

* Commissioner Hamburg participated despite claiming that she was recused for ethical reasons, and despite selling off Schein stock options at the same time.

* Dr. Hamburg and her staff are covering up her role in the rule-making.

* FDA proposes to silence critics of the rule via an “end game.”

Additional talking point to Democrat: FDA under Hamburg is a rogue agency defying President Obama’s deep concerns about mercury.

Additional talking point to Republican: FDA under Hamburg is a rogue agency that pulled from its consumer website the warning of neurological harm to children and unborn babies, put there by the Republican Commissioner.

In the battle against FDA, our choice is an end game for mercury fillings -- or an end game for this movement.


18 September 2009

Charles G. Brown, National Counsel
Consumers for Dental Choice
316 F St., N.E., Suite 210, Washington, DC 20002
202.544-6333; fax 202.544-6331,
Working for Mercury-Free Dentistry

LNH Note: We continue to support the tireless work of Charlie Brown and Consumers for Dental Choice in their tireless efforts to make dentistry safe for everyone.


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