Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sharfstein Resigns!

FDA scientific panel could have an impact on mercury treaty
14 days until mercury treaty negotiations, round two

Dear Friend,

We have news from Washington: Joshua Sharfstein, the FDA Principal

Deputy Commissioner who approved the abysmal amalgam rule after

Commissioner Margaret Hamburg claimed to be recused, has resigned.

Sharfstein’s exit allows new FDA leadership to take a fresh look at

amalgam, and we will continue to hold their feet to the fire. As Charlie

explained in his last email to you, the scientific panelists at the FDA

hearings told the agency to stop amalgam use in children, pregnant

women, and hypersensitive adults – and to put on consumer labeling

so everyone will know of amalgam’s toxicity!

We need to trumpet this good news from the scientists at the second

round of United Nations mercury treaty negotiations to be held in

Chiba, Japan two weeks from now. But Consumers for Dental Choice

still needs to raise $5600 to cover the expense of our international work

for this second negotiating session.

Please help us get our team – led by Charlie Brown – to Japan for the

mercury treaty negotiations!

As you’ll recall, last year Consumers for Dental Choice organized the

World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry; Charlie Brown was elected

president of this new coalition. Then, we led a delegation of dental

consumers and mercury-free dentists from all over the world at the

first session to negotiate a world mercury treaty, held in Stockholm

last June. Building a team of leaders from five continents, Charlie’s

hard-nosed approach is paying off – for us and for the children of this


Already, Consumers for Dental Choice has achieved a historic

milestone on the world stage. The first draft of the international treaty

on mercury includes five products on the “phase out list”; amalgam is

one of them!

At the treaty negotiations, the tough work lies ahead. We must withstand

furious lobbying by the World Dental Federation (best described as an

“American Dental Association on steroids”) to keep amalgam on the treaty’s

“phase out list.” We must fight for specific steps the world can take to reduce,

then phase out, amalgam. FDA’s scientific panel has suggested a good start:

stop using amalgam in vulnerable populations such as children and pregnant


Folks, we ask for your help. Charlie Brown is now the world leader of our

movement, and it is essential he takes his seat at the table. Help our team get

to the second round of treaty negotiations now! Any amount you could

contribute would go a long way!

click here to donate via credit card* or mail checks to Consumers

for Dental Choice, 316 F St. NE, Suite 210, Washington DC 20002.

Thank you for your support as we enter the world stage!

Sue Ann

Sue Ann Taylor
President, Consumers for Dental Choice
President, ZEEL-TV, Atlanta
6 January 2011

* link also available at

NOTE: LNH continues to support the tireless work of Charlie Brown,
Consumers for Dental Choice, and Californians for Green Dentistry.

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