Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Repeal ObamaCare Today

As a nation, we are very concerned about the cost and availability of healthcare, which, when we think about it, really starts with the each of us....and the individual choices we make during our daily lives. We may think they're small --- for instance, what we have for lunch may not be as earth-shattering as finding the money for our kids tuition -- yet the truth is, many poor decisions may add up to make one costly health disaster.

I'm all about freedom....if you want health care, you should have it. And yes, it should be affordable to everyone. That said, I do not believe that socialized medicine is the answer. ObamaCare, as it's currently written, is NOT a viable, sustainable plan, and would prove itself a disaster on all levels if put into practice.

If you are pro-ObamaCare, please don't judge me too quickly...I'm on your side, too.

Below is the letter I sent to my representatives with my thoughts. As you can see, it's nothing fancy, and only took about 8 minutes to compose....not a lot of time in the big picture, as I've spent more time choosing which shoes to wear.

The vote is today.

I urge you to put your fingers to the keyboard and/or call your representatives...NOW! They're in the process of voting today.


Repeal ObamaCare

We've been offered a poorly written, under-researched and outrageously expensive plan which will prove to be a failure of epic proportion if signed into law.

The cornerstone to ANY viable health plan is self-education. Let's face it...the public has become lazy and irresponsible for their own health over the last 50 years, expecting a "magic bullet" to fix all of their problems -- from obesity to GERD to Type II Diabetes, which are all largely preventable conditions. It's an unrealistic expectation, and has already proven itself ineffective and expensive in terms of money AND human lives. It is estimated that 100,000 Americans die each year from the use of prescription drugs -- that's 270 a day. NO ONE has died as a result of eating organic fruits and vegetables, getting proper rest and drinking pure water.

People have learned to rely on a medical model of pharmaceuticals, which only treat symptoms and do not offer the body nutritional support to heal itself (which it's designed to do).

Most medical school educations do not include nutritional education, but do include pharmaceutical training -- diseases are given names so that they can be more easily identified with a pharmaceutical drug (think "Geranimals" matching system). Therefore, it makes sense that allopaths do what they are trained to do --- prescribe drugs, which are limited to treating symptoms, but not provide vital nutrition to the body so that it may heal itself.

Allopaths/Medical doctors have a vital role in saving lives....that's what they are trained to do. But they are not well trained in optimizing daily lifestyle choices, unless they have gone off on their own and taken additional natural health related courses of education.

There is room for both schools of training -- allopathic and naturopathic -- we need both, and we really need to be looking at what is best for our people on every count, not just industry revenues. Aside from pharmaceutical and insurance, there are others.....

The food industry has offered up many processed foods which are void of valuable nutrition, yet are loaded with toxic food additives which have shown to cause reactions in the brain to 'want' these toxic foods more, much like causing an addictive response --- and we wonder why obesity is one of our top 3 national health problems -- which is COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE.

Aside from herbicides and pesticides, chemical companies have created very expensive GE and GMO seeds, which produce crops void of valuable nutrition, but high in toxic chemicals which create more health problems.

Question: If food is void of nutrition, why are we eating?

Another question: Why spend trillions on a health care plan when the top three and most costly diseases are PREVENTABLE? It just seems to be punishing those who live balanced, healthy, optimized lives for those who opt for fast/junk food, soda and sedentary lifestyle.

My Plan (off the top of my head):

• Nutrition education programs will be written, executed and mandated in school curricula.

• Parents will be required to participate in nutritional education program.

• Food industry will be required to clearly label all products containing any and all chemical food additives.

• Food manufacturers will be bonused for providing organic and whole foods to their product line.

• Food manufacturers will be assessed a fee by the insurance industry for producing fast foods, and those with chemical food additives. If these manufacturers produce products which make people sick, they need to 'pay the piper'.

• That said, those manufacturers will pass along the extra charges to their customers. Again, if these are the people who are driving up medical costs across the board, they need to be held accountable for their decisions.

• Industrial farms which use chemical herbicides and pesticides will be assessed a charge, as it has been proven that people become sick from these toxic chemicals in their food source.

• Factory farms (meat, poultry) and farmed fish companies will all be assessed charges for using chemical feeds and injecting foods with antibiotics/hormones and any other substance.

The bottom line here is responsibility and accountability. It's imperative to the sustainability of our nation and it's people to revisit the health care revision plan.

Respectfully, and in the very best of health,

Kristin Mills, ND, CNHP

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