Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Opportunities Abound

I'm sure you've heard more than your fair share of negative news about our economy. You don't have to watch network or cable news (I don't) to hear about it....just about everyone and their mother seems to be talking about it! Seriously, it's been 3 years with this "Debbie Downer" speak. Let's lighten up, be productive, and talk about what we CAN do!

Why have so many people bought into a downward spiraling way of thinking? When you hear people talk about the latest financial fiasco, simply ask, "How do you know?" When they say they heard it one the news, ask them if they believe everything they hear. Of course, the answer is 'no'.

The upside is that this negative talk has made me focus on opportunities --- turning possibilities into viable means of positive, productive change. It's time to get creative, people! We actually have more opportunities around us than years past... ..they're just different. As with anything new, they look and feel is unfamiliar, but only until you recognize them. Remember, children go through this every day -- it's called 'the learning process'. Successful adults continue their growth by keeping their minds and eyes open, as that of a child. The beautiful thing is that adults have learned discernment, and have the richness of their life's experience to draw from when entertaining new possibilities.

We live in a world full of wonder and amazement. Opportunities abound. Those still operating with a 'been there, done that' attitude and mindset will be left behind through these rapidly changing times. It's no time to be jaded.

Live every experience as if it's for the first time, and you could very well find yourself open to new possibilities. If you're feeling at a loss, it's time to prepare for your next adventure.

Fasten your seatbelt and pay attention. It's happening all around you.


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