Wednesday, March 10, 2010

McCain's "Dietary Supplement Safety Act" Squashed!

Be proud, Americans! Thank you for taking time from your busy day to write/email congress regarding S.3002, John McCain's Dietary Supplement Safety Act. Senator McCain has rescinded his support of the DSSA.

Americans love their freedoms, including the freedom to purchase dietary supplements. McCain's bill would have turned the dietary supplement business over to the FDA, and eventually, Big Pharma. This bill was a very thinly veiled cousin to Europe's Codex Alimentarius, which currently restricts the sale of dietary supplements. McCain's bill would have given carte blanche to launch Codex here in the US, making you a criminal if you chose to continue to enjoy your dietary supplements to improve your health and vitality, and give drug companies and the government the right to destroy what health freedoms DSHEA has accomplished.

The fact that American consumers love their dietary supplements and want less, not more regulation is proven by the hard data demonstrating that in one of the worst economies in decades dietary supplement sales increased significantly in 2009. During America's recent financial crisis, the dietary supplement industry was one of our nation's only industries that had economic growth. The passing of any bill that would jeopardize the dietary supplement industry is counter to the health, best interest and desire of American citizens. Furthermore, the passing of any bill so highly detrimental to our economic growth and well being and is outright anti-American!

Why congress doesn't focus on cleaning up the problems they already have with OTC drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, and the FDA cleaning their house of AERS and VAERS reports is beyond me. Our government has enough problems their plate -- there's no need to create more!


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