Thursday, March 4, 2010

Follow Up: My Letter to John McCain

After yesterday's post, I thought it fit to write John McCain. So here it is:

March 4, 2010

Dear Senator McCain,

I am a Naturopath and founder of a natural health practice in Southern California. That said, I am not anti-pharm. There are good drugs available that have saved lives. There are also drugs that are on the market that have taken lives. There are many drugs that are currently over-prescribed.

It's no secret that we have a pharmaceutical problem in the US. It's also no secret that the dietary supplement business has exploded to $32 Billion. That's a huge chunk of change that everyone would want to get their hands on. But at what cost to the people? And to what end?

I was a supporter of yours in this last election for many reasons. I was surprised to learn the you wrote the Dietary Supplement Safety Act, which would impede the health freedoms we currently enjoy today in the US.

Giving the FDA control over supplements doesn't make sense, as they are obviously overloaded with what they have on their plate. Thousands of reports have been made to AERS and VAERS, indicating injury or death related to pharmaceutical products, with no action taken toward the manufacturers. Recently, a supplement company was called on the carpet for one incident, and wasn't allowed any recourse. The product was pulled from the shelves.

That's just unfair.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for you, Senator McCain. However, I am dismayed by this bill, and am surprised you wrote it!

I know you are a freedom-loving man. You are a national hero. You fought to protect our freedom in Vietnam, as did my brother. I don't want to see you add to the recent erosion of integrity and founding principles of our country.

Our citizens deserve to make their own choices, and our decisions will only be as good as our information. Providing disease prevention and self-treat education would provide a substantial savings to our current broken health care system.

Diabetes, obesity and many coronary diseases are completely preventable. I'd like to see you write a bill making food manufacturers responsible for providing REAL sources of high quality nutrition, rather than dead, preservative and food additive-laden excuses which lead to and promote unnecessary disease. Then, go after fast food chains. Prepared food manufacturers have a great responsibility to provide wholesome, highly nutritious food sources, and they've failed, as evidenced by our rapidly escalating disease rate.

That said, people should be accountable and responsible for their behavior (or lack thereof). Since this problem has been created with government assistance, I'm expecting government be part of a viable solution to include maintaining our health freedoms.

I know I speak for many when I urge you to reconsider the DSSA bill. I believe that self-treat and disease prevention education should be the cornerstone of ANY health care reform plan, and it can be managed so that it is not a threat to insurance and pharmaceutical companies. I am part of a national network of health professionals who are committed to providing health education.


Kristin Mills, ND, CNHP

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