Monday, May 18, 2009

Silicon: The Magnetic Element

Although research on silicon (not 'silicone') is still in the early stages, it is believed that it plays a role in the production of collagen. Collagen provides strength, rigidity, and flexibility to bones, teeth, tendons, ligaments, cell walls and membranes, nails, and skin.

Silicon may also be directly involved in the building of healthy bones, teeth and cartilage. Studies suggest that silicon supplementation may be instrumental in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.  

Silicon may be associated with a decreased risk of atherosclerosis. Studies also suggest that silicon may stimulate the activity of the immune system.  Silicon puts the 'zing' back in relationships and is said to be beneficial in cases of menopausal symptoms.

Silicon Deficiency Symptoms:

• Dry, itchy skin

• Watery eyes

• Ear drainage

• Frequent colds

• Catarrh

• Decreased sexual interest

• Acne or boils

• Abnormal growths

• Dull hair

• Flaccid muscles

Foods High in Silicon:

• Alfalfa

• Oats

• Barley

• Whole grains

• Rice bran syrup

• Nuts, seeds

• Rice polishings or rice bran

Herbs High in Silicon:

• Kelp

• Oatstraw tea - boil 8-10 minutes

• Alfalfa

• Horsetail (use only if past childbearing years)

• Rice polishings

• Shavegrass

• Stems of most herbs

Uses of Silicon in the Body:

• Improves nerve supply

• Improves hair, skin and nails

• Increases alkalinity in the body

• Helps retain body heat

• Improves mental attitude

• Combats sexual disorders

• Combats fatigue in mental stress jobs

Clinical Uses of Silicon:

• Treatment of skin ulcers

• Improves negative thinking

• Dry, itchy skin

• Abnormal growths

• Strengthening body tissue

• Feeds the nervous impulse transfer

• Involuntary urination

• Helpful in prevention of cancer combined with formic acid

• Improves circulation and varicose veins

• Helpful in overcoming nicotine and drug habits

Note that all refined starches and carbohydrates are nearly devoid of silicon since it is found in the outer hulls of seeds, nuts, grains and cereals.

Beer also contains a high concentration of easily absorbable silicon (drink responsibly).


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