Monday, September 3, 2012

Tea Tree Oil - The Universal Antiseptic

Tea Tree oil is one of the most popular and useful essential oils. The natural antiseptic, germicidal, anti-fungal, antiviral, antibacterial and immune-boosting qualities of Tea Tree oil make it applicable to a wide range of health conditions and household uses. It is also frequently used in cosmetic, skin care, and hair care beauty products.  Tea Tree oil is well-tolerated, having no known allergic reactions.

More and more people are rejecting chemical-laden, health-destroying, hazardous (yes, hazardous!) household cleaning products commonly found in local supermarkets.  Big chemical corporations are not required to list ingredients on the product label, which gives them carte blanche to use toxic ingredients without public knowledge.

There are companies who manufacture eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products, but it's easy and more economical to make your own.  You may notice a physiological and emotional change when you use them, as they are safe to the skin and emotionally soothing.  Once you start using your own recipes, you may not ever go back to using commercial products!

Clinical studies date back to 1923 by Dr A R Penfold, an Australian chemist, who found that Tea Tree leaves contained an essential oil which showed antiseptic and bacterial properties 13 times stronger than carbolic acid, the accepted standard of that time.  In 1930, E M Humphrey identified that Tea Tree oil's disinfectant action on typhoid bacilli was 60 times greater than that of hand soap.  By the 1940's, Tea Tree oil became standard issue in military first aid kits.

If you're looking to replace chemical-laden, toxic household cleaning products, Tea Tree oil is one of the strongest natural antiseptics you'll find, and is one of the best choices for ingredients in home cleaning recipes.  In addition to routine housekeeping, Tea Tree oil is an effective mold and mildew killer.  Mix 2 teaspoons of Australian Tea Tree oil in a spray bottle with 2 cups of water.  Spray mixture on musty area.  The smell will dissipate and the mold will be gone.  Tea Tree oil can also be used as an insecticide.

It's easy, economical and more healthful to make your own cleaning supplies with the antibacterial properties that nature provides.

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