Saturday, October 9, 2010

Beat Sugar Addiction! Which Type Are You?

The average American consumes approximately 150 pounds of sugar per year -- the weight of a whole person! Back in the day, sugar used to be pretty much limited to our desserts. We all know that food manufacturers have continued to add considerable sugars to processed foods over recent years, forcing pre-packaged food-lovers to consume more sugar 'round the clock. Not only does this add to our empty calorie count, but it also lends to the escalating and alarming number of obesity, heart disease, chronic pain and diabetes cases.

Dr Jacob Teitelbaum discusses four "sugar addict" types in this 2:41 minute video. According to Dr Teitelbaum, I was a Type 2 sugar addict --- and he's right --- as a teenager and into my 30's, I'd get the hungry horrors, behaving like the Tasmanian Devil until I ate something -- anything -- which was usually an unsatisfying, low quality nutritional choice -- cookies, bagel -- whatever was the quickest fix. I'd get too busy with my day, then wait too long, and crash -- hard. Sound familiar? My adrenals were shot 10+ years ago, living a 'go-go-go-non-stop-never-drop' lifestyle -- which eventually catches up with all of us at some point -- many times after we have caused further damage and prematurely age the body. I have since learned to get my adrenals in order and no one calls me "Taz" anymore!

Check it out and see which "sugar addict" type you are at:


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